Benefits of an Air Purifier

Benefits of an Air Purifier

If you want to improve your home's air quality, an air purifier can help you do just that. An air purifier can help by removing pollutants from the air you breathe. The absence of airborne pollutants comes with a long list of associated health benefits. We want to share a few of them with you today.

Benefits of Air Purifiers

  • Asthma symptom reduction. Asthma can be triggered by pet dander, dust mites, pollen, and other pollutants. An air purifier can help to alleviate these contaminants in your home.
  • Chemical elimination. An air purifier can help to get rid of pollutants like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. When you are exposed to these types of chemicals, you are at an increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. In addition to outside contaminants getting in, regular household cleaners can contain phthalates and chlorine. These chemicals can cause severe health risks. Air purifiers can scrub these out of the air.
  • Reduces airborne diseases. When you have an air purifier, you are at less risk for airborne diseases like colds. Air purifiers that have HEPA filters will trap cold and flu viruses and neutralize them.
  • Improves sleep. Your sleep can be ruined by regular allergies that are caused by the poor air quality in your home. Running an air purifier can help to eliminate these allergens allowing you to rest instead of sneezing and coughing all night.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors. Chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, and gasoline will cause a bad odor. These odors can be bad for your breathing and can affect how your brain functions. An air purifier will get rid of these, allowing you to breathe better.
  • Helps increase your longevity. Getting rid of indoor air pollution can help to ensure that you live longer. By avoiding these pollutants, you will avoid issues like dementia, heart disease, and other ailments.
  • Radon removal. Radon is a gas that is put off from granite, rocks, and soil. Radon exposure can affect your health in many ways and can even lead to death. Using a great air purifier will help to remove radon particles from the air.
  • Removal of asbestos particles. Asbestos was once a popular construction material. It was later found that it can increase the risk of cancer and cause lung issues. If you have an older home, it may have been built using asbestos. Using an air purifier can help eliminate any asbestos particles that may be lingering in the home.

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By BL James and Son 12-30-2020