Common Water Heater Problems and How to Solve Them

Common Water Heater Problems and How to Solve Them

We love our water heaters. They work hard and truthfully; we hardly need to think about them because they generally do their job so well. But everything needs TLC from time to time, including your water heater. Thankfully, many of the problems that water heaters experience are common and easy to remedy and we are going to share a few of them with you here today.

Problem 1: Lack of Hot Water

Probably the thing that alerted you to a problem is this, a lack of hot water. Or no hot water at all. Most modern water heaters are electric and therefore rely on electricity to function. If you are not getting any hot water at all, the first place you may want to check is your breaker box. It could be that it has been tripped for some reason.

If you have a gas water heater, you should check to make sure that the pilot light is on. If it is on but it is not triggering the hot water, your thermocouple may need to be cleaned or replaced.

Problem 2: Reduced Amounts of Hot Water

If you find that the problem, you are having is that you do not have enough hot water, you probably want to investigate the thermostat. The solution could be as simple as adjusting your thermostat to the desired setting. During the colder Winter months, you may even need to raise the setting slightly to compensate for cold pipes.

Alternative reasons for this problem could be that you have a faulty thermostat or that your water tank is not large enough to handle your needs.

Problem 3: Oddly Colored Water

If you notice rust colored water, this is a good sign that there is some corrosion present. If ignored, the corrosion will only spread, shortening the life of your water heater. Ultimately resulting in leaks. If you catch it soon enough, however, you may simply be able to change out the anode rod. This is easy to do and will add years to the life of your tank.

If the water is just dirty colored, this could be a sign of sediment and scale buildup.

Of course, there are a number of other problems that could befall your water heater that would require more serious action. If you have run into a problem with yours that you do not know how to fix on your own, give us at BL James & Son a call. We are dedicated to keeping our neighbors comfortable and can help you with all of your water heater needs.

By BL James and Son 1-11-2021