6 Common Plumbing Problems and How to Handle Them

6 Common Plumbing Problems and How to Handle Them

As your house ages, so does the plumbing. This indicates that pipes might become delicate and that plumbing issues can occur. There are several possible plumbing issues that your home could face at any time, some of which usually occur more frequently than others.

Whenever a plumbing issue arises, you may sometimes find yourself in a bit of confusion. You can fix many of the most prevalent plumbing issues on your own, but it's better to seek professional plumbing services. If you leave your plumbing issues for longtheywill cause more damage. Here are six of the most prevalent plumbing issues that experts are contracted for.

Running Toilet

An overflowing toilet wastes an immense amount of water – approximately 200 gallons a day. If you find that you have a running toilet, call the plumber immediately to repair it. Therefore a running toilet is going to cost you a fortune, so it's best for you to get the issue solved as quickly as possible.

Low Water Pressure

This plumbing issue mostly occurs in older properties, but it can also occur in newer houses. It can be caused by a lot of things like a leaking drain, needing a new shower head, rust in your plumbing, and more. A credible plumbing professional will be able to locate the source of low water pressure and repair it for you in time.

Clogged or Slow Drains

If you have a slow-running drain, it may mean that you have the start of a clog. Often individuals purchase drain cleaners in an attempt to break up the clog, but they can be harmful, allowing the plastic pipes to crack. Contact a plumbing expert who will employ safe techniques to unblock your drains.

Leaking Hose Bib

During winter weather, hose bibs may crack because of the cold. Weather-resistant hose bibs are available – these will eliminate any potential leakage and prevent you from having to replace the hose bib as much as possible. You or an expert can quickly repair the hose bibs.

Dripping Faucet

This issue is often overlooked until you hear the dripping water while trying to catch some sleep. If you have a dripping faucet, the washer may be damaged and need to be replaced. You may not know it, but a dripping faucet can use up a huge amount of water. Try leaving a bowl under the dripping faucet overnight; you'd be amazed how much water you will collect. A dripping faucet can use up a lot of water and waste your money.

Every drop counts and you're going to be shocked how much it will impact your water expenses. This can be quickly fixed for a small amount of money, so there's no excuse to ignore it. This can be quickly fixed for a low cost, which means there's no justification for dismissing it.

Pipes Leaking

This issue often occurs during the cold season because of changes in temperature, but they also happen any time of the year. Pipes usually start leaking around their joints, and they can also leak if cracks occur. If a pipe that is in your ceiling, under the floor, or behind the floor starts leaking, you will not be able to detect it till the water is noticeable.

Be on the lookout for any inexplicable wet spots on your walls, ceilings, or floors. If you see any, you'll need to call a plumbing expert immediately. When you leave the issue for too long you may end up with severe water damage.

If you are facing any of the above plumbing issues, you should take action fast. A minor leak or clog will easily develop into a big headache. It's ideal to have a reliable plumber on speed dial. Plumbing issues normally come up against you when you never anticipated it. If you ever have a problem with overflowing water, you want someone reasonable, fast, and experienced.

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By BL James and Son 3-12-2021