Plumbing Emergencies Due to Added Stress on Your System

Plumbing Emergencies Due to Added Stress on Your System

When it comes to quarantining and stay-at-home orders you might be wondering what else could go wrong jokingly. Among the many things that you can go wrong while you’re stuck at home is your plumbing. With everyone at home, there is more stress on your plumbing but on different components of the house. What happens when there is added stress to your plumbing system? B.L. James & Sons wants to help you be aware of the potential dangers when added stress is put on your plumbing system.

When there is a greater amount of stress on your pipes for an extended period it can lead to leaks and worst-case scenario, pipes bursting. When this happens, it can be especially difficult to find out where the problem is. They tend to leak or burst underneath your foundation or behind your walls. You don’t want to have to hack away at all your walls trying to find where the issue is. These types of issues are certainly ones that you don’t want to leave.

Pipe leaks and bursts are what we would categorize as emergency issues. While we understand that you don’t want to welcome anyone into your house right now, you also don’t want to let things such as these go unattended. It can cause a lot of structural damage and thousands of dollars to repair. In the end, by letting it go too long you will just be leaving yourself open to having even more people needed in your home for the repair.

When you have a leak or a pipe burst, the first thing that you will want to do is turn off your water. There are access shut off valves along the way, if you can easily access them, do it from there so that the rest of the house has water. If you can’t find one of those or the burst is severe, you might want to go ahead and shut off your main water valve that can typically be found in your basement.

If you have an emergency plumbing issue, don’t wait to give us a call. We can help you when it comes to any plumbing issue you have. Along with that, we are making sure to take every precaution possible then it comes to the sanitation and extra precautions for covid-19. We would be happy to go over the phone with you everything we are doing to help keep both you and us safe! Give us a call for more information today!

By B.L. James & Son 4-14-2020